Chest Fly Attachment Workouts

chest fly attachment
Chest Fly With A Focus On The Outer Chest Example
3 sets of 8 very controlled reps. Hold the two cables behind your body with your arms fully extended. Proceed to bring the cables together in the front of your body with your arms still fully extended. Gif of chest fly workout
Back Fly For Rear Deltoid Example
3 sets of 12. Hold the cables above your head. Proceed to bring both cables across your body with your arms fully extended. Focus on the contraction in your back when you are at the end of each rep. back fly workout
Bicep Cable Curl Burnout Set Example
3 sets of 20. Hold the cable at your side and focus on slowly bringing your hand toward your shoulder. At the top of your rep, contract the bicep as much as possible. bicep cable curl workout