Pro Package Workouts

Tricep Rope

Tricep Rope Picture
Tricep Pull Down Example
3 sets of 12 reps. Hold the rope with both hands with your arm at a 90 degree angle. Slowly bring the rope down by extending your elbows. Focus on keeping your body still and only move your arms. At the bottom of the rep, focus on contracting your tricep. Tricep Pull Down Example

Chest Fly

Chest Fly Attachment Picture
Outer Chest Fly Example
3 sets of 8 very controlled reps. Hold the two cables behind your body with your arms fully extended. Proceed to bring the cables together in the front of your body with your arms still fully extended. Chest Fly Exercise Example

Straight Bar

Straight Bar Attachment Picture
Straight Bar Bicep Curl Example
3 sets of 15 controlled reps. Hold the bar with both hands and with your arms fully extended. Proceed to bring the bar up to your shoulders. Remember to only move your forearms. Your elbows should be stationary and at the top of the rep you should squeeze your biceps. Chest Fly Exercise Example